St. Mary's of the Ozarks

Construction began on the hospital in 1924, and in 1926 the 35 bed two story structure was opened. In 1932 the hospital closed due to economic conditions, then the Sisters Of St. Mary in St. Louis were approached to take over the small hospital. The Sisters agreed and took control on a one year trial basis. The hospital was renamed to St. Mary's, and reopened  in 1934 with 50 beds.

The Sisters worked to add equipment and improvements every year, but the hospital became outdated by the mid 60's. A 10 year project began to build a new hospital at a different site. In approximately 1975 the doors to the old St. Mary's were closed. It has passed through a few owners since then, and was used for awhile as a sheltered workshop.

In 2005 the movie Apocalypse And The Beauty Queen was filmed there, with reports of strange experiences by some of the crew members. Now the building sits empty,  crumbling, in very bad condition. There have been numerous witness reports of strange noises, lights, and shadowy figures. 

(preliminary findings)
October 3, 2009 findings

Investigations were conducted as on prior dates, although there was a full moon this evening, the spirits seemed reluctant to cooperate. Most activity was located on the third floor and the basement. Over the course of several investigations, the members of the Park Hills Paranormal Investigation team believe there to be some paranormal activity at the location due to collected evidence and numerous personal experiences. As for determining if the establishment is haunted or not, we will leave that up to you to decide, based on the evidence presented.

On the third floor, a team of four investigators were trying to determine the name on the bottom of an old, crumbling note on a door for later research. Though they heard nothing at the time, later during analasis a very noticable whisper was heard in our recordings.

I'm Here EVP
On the third floor, in the big red room which was once a solarium, then a chapel, a team of four females were investigating. The only other team out at the time was on the first floor. During analasis we found a man's voice in their recordings. After further review, it's unclear if the first word is "It's, or "He's". Let us know what you think.

It's Out ... Here Listening EVP
Three investigators were on the second floor in the northwest corner doing an evp session. It seems we received a direct answer to a question, though again nothing was heard at the time.

Question Answered

August 1, 2009 findings

Kitchen located north central area of basement, evp captured. When asked "are there more than three of you?" Class c evp captured.

Also in the same area a small board hanging from an electrical juntion box near the center of the room appeared to sway to and fro when we asked for an object to be moved. When asked to make the board move again, the board moved accordingly. It should be noted that there was no noticable breeze or wind at the time.

Investigators present;
Paul - Lead Investigator
Kelly - Team Member
Amber - Team Member
Justin - LeadIinvestigator/Tech Manager

August 15, 2009 findings.

Floor 2
Multiple evp's in tthe north central , northeast parts of the floor.

Floor 3
Mutiple evp's, K2 hits, and camera malfunctions.
K2 hits were numerous, however not captured on film. When questions were asked the lights on the meter would flash once for yes, twice for no. K2 hits occured in the northwest, north central and northeast rooms on this floor.

Some evp's captured and two positive responses on the k2 meter, which were documented on video. 

Investigators present:
Paul - Lead Investigator
Amber - Team Member
Kim - Lead Investigator
Kelly - Team Member

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